Llangefni cat may need leg amputated after being caught in illegal gin trap

Published date: 19 May 2017 |
Published by: Stephanie Price 
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A LLANGEFNI resident has expressed her anger after her cat was caught in an illegal gin trap - meaning he may need his leg amputated. 

Oreo - a black and white two year old - went missing last Sunday, May 14, and was found on Wednesday, May 17 with an injured paw.

Owner, Michelle Jones, said: "He went missing on sunday and we've been searching for days, looking everywhere. A lady found him in her back garden and took him to the vets because he was so badly injured. He was covered in mud and hadn't eaten - he had to be shaved.

"Thankfully we had him chipped so the vets knew he was mine and called me - he's now just got back from the vets and is resting, but he might need to have his leg amputated."

Michelle said: "I'm just so angry. The RSPCA are involved - we need to catch these people."

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